Monday, April 9, 2012

March Madness!!

March is suppose to come in like a lion or lamb and go out the opposite.  However, at the Krantz house it comes in like a hurricane and goes out like a tornado!  What a crazy, fun, educating, and destructive month it was. 

We have a family tradition of fill out NCAA Basketball brackets before the tournament begins picking who we think will hopefully fair well.  We knew that we were in big trouble this year.  Britten has been studying SportsCenter on ESPN for sometime and he was armed with far more college basketball knowledge than a 10 year old should.  We all chose our winners, and after the first couple rounds, were all ready to shred our brackets.  Jason and Britten did well until round 3 then they were done for.  Myself on the other hand missed most picks, except for the final 2 teams.  Yea for Kansas and Kentucky!  Way to save my bracket.  I picked Kentucky to win and they did.  Now, I have bragging rights for a whole year.

Britten and his fourth grade class have been working hard on writing short stories and working on their County reports.  Britten chose Utah County and has been doing research for about a month.  He did his report as a Powerpoint presentation.  Who knew that a fourth grader could out school both his parents when it came to Powerpoint.   His report turned out great.  We were able to take an afternoon and go to the school and all the fourth graders did a short presentation about Utah.  Britten was chosen to read part of the short story he had written, and then we went and walked around his classroom admiring all the hard work the students put in on their reports.  What creative kids (and parents, I'm sure)!!

Have I mentioned what an AWESOME teacher Britten has this year.  He has asked the kids to memorize classical poetry on their own time in order to earn the opportunity to visit Davis High School.  We attended a presentation of his class were they recited from memory 10 poetry classics such as: 
"The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost, "Each in His Own Tongue" by William Carruth, and
 "Invictus" by William Earnest Henley.

Britten's class will be going to Davis High School to have lunch and present their short stores to the Advanced Creative Writing class and will also be working with the High School students as well.  I am so envious that we did not do something like this when I was in elementary.  It will be such a fun day for him, and I know he is super excited!

Wrapping up Britten, he finished basketball season and is quite the defensive monster.  He was always diving for loose balls, and tying up the opponent.  He scored quite a few points and has really loved playing this year.  Now on to baseball!  I love watching him play and grow as an athlete and a person. 

Kameron, Kameron, Kameron!!  Never a dull moment with this kid.  He wants so bad to be as big as his brother and do all the things a 10 year old does.  He had a friend over one day and was trying to explain how to play Guitar Hero on the Wii.  I was trying so hard not to laugh.  His poor friend had no idea what he was even saying.  Kam's vocabulary skills are very much at a 10 year old level.   His favorite phrases are: "I am having an issue." and "That is ridiculous." or "That is so random".

He as been attending preschool this year and is quite the counter.  He will proudly count to 100 at least and then follow it up with counting to 20 in Spanish.  He loves to tell us all about the number and letter he is working on each week and will insure that we are pronouncing the letter properly.  He has even started to read basic words.  He always wants to read what he calls "his words" when we read a book.  Just the other day he has really started to sound out words.  It is fun to see him learning and growing academically.  He is going to be one smart cookie!

Kameron loves to throw things and pretend it is a baseball, basketball or the like.  One afternoon while outside, he threw a large rock and with the perfect aim he has,  it went right through the passenger side window of my car.  Boy did he know he was in trouble because he came running into the house and tried to hide.  Needless to say, a decent chunk of change and a week and a half later, I had a new window.  To Kameron's dismay though, he was grounded from Angry Birds and the Wii for two whole weeks.  I think he learned his lesson and now happily says that we only throw rocks in the pond! He, like many others his age has taken to Angry Birds.  That is all he wants to do.  He has even resorted to creating his own Angry Bird game (because he was grounded) by piling books and balls on a small table and pretending to fly birds (disguised as balls) into his building creation in order to knock it down and expose the golden egg or golden pineapple!  Pretty funny to watch for sure!

Jason who?  Yea, that is about as much as we see him anymore.  He spends all day Sunday, and Tuesday and Wednesday nights fulfilling his Bishopric calling.  He has sure enjoyed getting to know the people in our ward.  He loves the men he works with they have a great time together.  He is looking forward to taking our boys on our ward Father & Sons camp out. The rest of his summer will be spent with the Young Women in our ward at Girl's Camp, then to High Adventurer Camp, and Scout Camp.  I don't know that he has done that much camping in one year in his life!  He likes his new job at work seems to finally be getting comfortable with all the changes.  I sure miss seeing him as much as I use too.

That wraps up  the Krantz comings and goings of how time flies!!!


  1. Kameron and his phrases crack me up! Our kids keep a close eye out the back window and let me know every time Kameron emerges from your house! Haha

  2. I'm glad you let me know you had an update!!! Always love them!
    Love you all!